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David Williams has written curriculum for courses at the university level for over 20 years (U of CO, CO School of Mines, Metropolitan State, Northern Illinois University, The University of Illinois at Chicago and at Springfield, as well as Writing courses for the Illinois Arts Council and STEM schools in Colorado, both for K-12.  He has worked as a consultant in various schools and programs, was a test writer for the State of Illinois high school exams in English and Social Studies, and in 2018 he developed a Song and Science Curriculum for grades 1-6 (, creating a new way to integrate the Sciences and the Arts.  David has also taught online courses at a number of universities and has been involved in Best Practice research.  David's approach to curriculum is based upon principles of Neuroscience and how the brain best processes and retains information.  A researcher in the field, his last book was THE TRICKSTER BRAIN: Neuroscience, Evolution, and Narrative, and deals with how and why the brain creates stories, archetypes, and the biological underpinnings of our creative disposition as homo sapiens.   To read David's CV click on pencil. 

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