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David Williams is interdisciplinary scholar and artist who works in a variety of genres, for both children and adults.  As a visual artist, he was a long-time cartoonist for the  Chronicle of Higher Education (and other newspapers and magazines), and his works have been exhibited in art shows curated by the Smithsonian to local solo shows in Colorado. 


Davis is also an Emmy winning songwriter, his songs have had over 80 million hits on YouTube, and he is a children's author with Random House, David has been teaching the lessons of wildlife preservation and sustainability to new generations.  From the book about his grandmother--which is in the McGraw-Hill 5th grade textbook (Grandma Essie's Covered Wagon), to his Rhino Song (which is being used in anti-poaching education in South Africa, having been taught to over 100,000 young people)--David has impacted people all over--awakening them to the sanctity of the natural world.


David has also published fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and David is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in gypsy jazz, blues and Americana, and is known as one of the top gypsy jazz guitarists in CO.  Over the years he has released numerous award-winning CDs of original songs.  A new CD of songs for adults was recently released that hit 22 on the Indie Charts in 2015: Little Prayers of Belief, and an album with Ellie Brown, DAVELLIE, was released in 2916.   David has been a writer in residence at many colleges and universities in the US. His most recent book is The Trickster Brain: Neuroscience, Evolution, and Narrative, which is about literature, the arts, and how biology is implicated in our story-making selves.

CONTACT ME      Tel: 720-308-0915

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